Base Material

This is a well-graded crushed stone mix that packs well.

Class 7 Base (SB-2) – 1.5″ minus w/fines

  • SB-2 is similar to limestone base but is harder, less dusty and less susceptible to tracking. It is primarily used in driveways, pathways, road bases, parking lots and pipe bedding. Excellent wet weather product.

Class 8 Base – 1″ minus w/fines

  • This product has the same uses as Class 7 (SB-2).

P-209 – 1.5″ minus w/fines

  • Common uses include airport runways and taxi runways.

Approved Sources

We are an approved source in Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Missouri and Kansas, plus the Corp of Engineers and the United States Air Force.

Public Entities
  • Arkansas Dept. of Transportation
  • Little Rock Port Authority
  • City of Little Rock
  • City of North Little Rock
  • City of Bryant
  • City of Benton
  • City of Maumelle

The Right Materials for Your Project

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